Rainbow Trout Yunomi
Brook Trout Whisky Cup
The Great Indoors
2020 Giveaway Winner
Ceramics Monthly
Ceramics Monthly
New chop mark
New Work
Trout Yunomis and Tea bowls
Trout Yunomis
2019 International Clay Network
Soda Fired Trout Tea bowl
Trout Yunomi
School of Trout Yunomis and Tea bowl
Trout Yu
Trout Plate
Trout Chawan
Last Call III
Fresh Fish Bones
Salmon Vessel
Torut Yunomi
Trout Yunomi
Brown Trout Tea bowl
Brown Trout Tea bowl
Trout Teapot with River Glass Base
Brook Trout Covered Dish
Hada XI (Frog and Worm)
Trout Flask with Frog and River Base
Steelhead Trout  Teapot
Brook Trout Flask with Frog
Nature Yunomi
Brown Trout Teapot with Frog & Teabowls
Brook Trout Teapot with Snail
Brown Trout Cup & Fish Tail Saucer
Brook Trout Vessel with Flowers
Large Trout Vessels
Brown Trout Vessel IV
Trout Sushi Dish
Brook Trout Vessel with Frog
Brown Trout Sushi Dish with Soy Dish
Brook Trout Yunomi

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