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As a ceramic artist and lifelong fisherman, my creative process begins

long before I enter the studio. It begins on the banks of the river.

Rooted in a childhood love and utter fascination with aquatic life, my
work is informed by a lifetime of observation, appreciation, and
sometimes awe, of the magnificent creatures that live in the water,
and briefly, at the end of my line. Each piece is an ode to their
natural beauty in clay.

Made from porcelain, I sculpt and glaze vessels, cups, plates, and mugs by hand. To create a harmonious surface, I examine, select, and blend glazes.
With forms, textures, and colors reminiscent of the fish that so inspire me, I am meticulous about every detail of the surface image.

Much like the artistic process, the gift in fishing is the element of
surprise. The true reward is communing with nature, and relishing the
moments when a fish is pulled from the water. It’s akin to the joy of
removing a freshly-fired piece from the kiln. For one fleeting moment,
I hold my breath awash in the excitement of what’s about to be
revealed, each piece a wonder.

For me, where fishing ends, clay begins.

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